I love fall. It’s my favorite fashion season! Olives, plums, and oranges how could you not!  Okay and blues and reds! Okay okay, fine I just love all the colors! Also, VESTS, it’s the perfect weather to wear them! This was my recent outfit with my J.Jill vest and 3/4 button down striped shirt from J. Crew factory. Paired with my favorite lipstick Estée Lauder shade rubellite. 



it’s vest season!

Ahhhh my favorite time of year! Break out those vests because it’s fall!  Vests are a cute fun way to stay warm and look cute! Here are two of my recent vest outfits: 


The white vest is from j.crew and red is from j.jill. 

festival fashion

so festival season is coming to a close for the summer, so I thought I would share one of my favorite outfits I wore this year. This cute floral romper let me romp romp romp around lollapalooza in style. I actually aquired it from a friend and I believe she got it at wet seal. It was super flowly, which was perfect for the 80 plus degree it was that day. Florals, neutral colors, and metallic colors were definitely the go to’s for this year (And just about every year for fests, I feel like they rarely change)! As for outfit I saw a ton of dresses, rompers, and crop tops. Oh and update- floral headbands are out! I saw very few this year from previous years, guess that fad has finally hit its decline. Beating the heat was the key to surviving lollapalooza, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute by doing so! 

p.s. Don’t mind my face I was really excited about my rainbow cone (hah) 

my go to summer shoes

This summer I recently purchased some Birkenstocks and may I say it’s been the best decision ever. They are such a versatile shoe that goes with just about everything. From the beach to work to anything in between, just slip on your birks and you’re good to go. Oh and did I mention that they are so comfortable and have great arch support. I highly recommend adding some to your wardrobe!  


keep your heels, head, and standards high

Okay so I wouldn’t say I’m a “fashionista” but I do love to shop and know the latest trends. I wasn’t a textiles and apparel major, but it doesn’t stop me from looking through Vogue and Instyle (okay, and Pinterest) all the time . One of my dearest friends told me that I should make a fashion blog- so here goes nothing. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some cute fashion ideas. This ones for you Anniekins.