{avoiding} it like the plague

A few weeks ago I pledged with myself not to get on the scale. Let me just tell you… It’s way harder than I would’ve thought. Okay so avoiding the scale in the bathroom was easier, but it’s when you realize how often you see scales! The gym, locker rooms, random places that I can’t even recall. I have however stuck to my promise of not weighing myself, and it feels great. 

I have been working out almost every day, but I no longer feel like I’m working for just a number. I feel healthier and happier, and have seen some progress of my own. By focusing on how I want to look rather than what some dumb instrument tells me I am has been a huge success in my results. Of course there are days I just want to hop on real quick to see, but I need to continue to strive for results and not a just a number. Hopefully, over time avoiding the scale will just not even cross my mind and I’ll never have a desire to step onto it unless told to do so. Wish me luck as I finish out my whole month (and maybe an additional month) scale free. I truly recommend doing this if you are one who may have become a little “obsessed” with the scale as well. It will be worth it I promise. 



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