searching for {employment}

let me tell you… finding a job is the worst. The endless applications, cover letters, and updating your resume to only be rejected time after time again. Every company wants at least 3-5 years experience, but how are you supposed to get experience if no one hires entry level positions! It’s an endless cycle that is just pure torture to recent grads. How can someone who graduated cum laude, president of an organization, and other involvement struggle so much to find a career (I say career because finding any job is simple, shoot I could be working at McDonalds as a job if I wanted). I always heard people talk about how hard it is to find a job after college, but I never thought that I would because of the success I had in college. The success I once felt that I had in college honestly doesn’t even feel like enough anymore, I begin to look back and regret not getting more involved. Adding more activities to my resume, or internships, or leadership experiences. I know I can’t change my college experience, but its hard when you think you’re setting yourself up for a bright future and you can’t even get an interview. I feel that now a days to get interviews you honestly have to be president of at least 3 organizations, 4.o GPA, volunteer for the elderly, and sell them your kidney…. (haha okay kidding)  I know I’m not alone in this unemployment boat,  but regardless it sucks. Everyday that passes by just seems like another failed day at finding something amazing. I know that the perfect opportunity will come when its meant too, until then just got to keep chugging away at the applications.




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