{social} media

Social media- a blessing and a curse. When it comes to social media I know I’m an addict. It’s an unhealthy addiction to continuously be checking my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to see if anything new is going on. It’s to the point where I have my phone constantly glued to my body and the thought of being separated is anxiety ridden. However, it just hit me today how unhealthy this relationship with social media is. I am constantly comparing myself to others on every aspect of life, that I get so down when I see people doing amazing things with their lives. I wouldn’t call it jealous per say but it’s definitely some sort of envy. I’m one of those people who are so supportive of other people’s accomplishments and are genuinely happy for them. Even though I am so happy for others success, I know inside I just continue to dig myself into a deeper hole of sadness. The constant internal competition with people (even people I barely know) has pushed me to the point where I get anxiety about how others perceive me. That if my photos or status get minimal likes I get upset– which is actually the dumbest thing ever. The hardest part is I’m aware that this comparison is always going on, but yet I continue to let myself be apart of it.

 I have final realized that I need to stop comparing myself to others, because no matter what aspects of my life are good I’ll find another area to work on. I will never be fully satisfied with anything because I will always have that internal competition going on with the world. That’s why I need to change, I need to change the way I use social media. To not have it as some torture device, but rather a way to stay in touch with friends and family. That instead of being envious of other people’s lives, to just be grateful for what I do have. That my life may not be perfect and I may not have the perfect body, job, relationship, house, family, etc. – but to not use others as a bench mark for my happiness. I know this is easier said than done and it will be a challenge. It’s a challenge worth pursuing and I hope others do the same as well. To not use social media as a comparison device, but as a place of enjoyment and networking. 




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