to {share} or not to share

… that is the question. When I created this blog a couple months ago I didn’t really know what would come from it. I only told a handful of people about it and mostly just kept it to myself- as an escape to write out how I feel. I’m not creating this for attention or to get self pity, but as an escape from what I’ve been going though. And to show that being in your twenties isn’t all that it may seem. I know my writing is average and probably has grammatical errors up the wazoo, but I hope by sharing that it may reach even just one person who is going through something. To know that they are not alone during whatever they’re experiencing. Many may read and laugh at how awful my writing is, or not even bother reading at all. Quiet frankly I’m fine with that, I know I’m not a professional writer and I never will be. My purpose to write isn’t to become some world renowned writer, or to hope to be picked up by some blogging site. I could care less about that, I write to get everything off my mind and let it free into cyber space. I am opened with my experiences and emotions that I’m going through during my life and hope I can help others in the same boat. I hope that even if I reach one person and they get something from my posts that I’ll know that sharing was the right decision. And with that let’s hope I’m making the right choice. 


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