Those dreaded word have become a reality. It is so easy to fall for someone who is perfect. Or maybe not perfect, but pretty damn close. The way they make you feel when you feel like you have nothing left, or smile when all you want to do is frown. Losing that is hard, but losing one of your closest friends in the process makes it even more difficult. Falling for someone is fun, exciting, and scary. You put yourself out there to only be accepted or rejected, while doing so you learn more both each other than you ever thought to imagine. This is the part that makes a heart break the worse, how intimate you get with someone and tell your whole life story– everything from the good to the bad. All the words that left your lips soon to be left in the dark when it comes to an end. And the continue question that runs through your head… Did they truly mean all the things they said? Did they? The lingering question will always haunt me, know that one point they felt this way but now the feelings are gone. I know that situations play a role in the matter and how things would be difficult, but how can you just un-feel everything that you once felt for someone. I just can’t understand that, maybe it’s because I love to much. Or that I get to emotionally attached to people and things. Maybe that’s my problem with heart break, that I continue to think the more I love the more I’ll receive back… To only find myself heart broken once again. 


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