one {mistake}

The best way to describe a lot of what I’m going though is with this analogy– Standing looking out my window, first a little pebble is thrown at my window. It startles me but I brush it off like it is nothing. Next, a rock gets thrown at the windows, it doesn’t break it but it creates more awareness. Finally, a brick gets thrown through the window and breaks it completely. That’s the point in which you realize something needs to change. You are no longer protected by the window and you are now on your own to face the cold brisk air that now flows through.
This is what has happened to me, my whole life I’ve been thrown pebbles and rocks, it wasn’t until the brick was thrown that I realized I need to start putting my needs before others. Sometimes when you care so much about others you immediately put their needs and well being before your own. Honestly, you sometimes don’t even think of your own self because you just need to ensure that persons needs and problems are being dealt with. That is until the brick got thrown. When this happened it not only changed my life complete, but brought out the darkness from inside. That one moment of lack of judgement can have such a big impact on your life. It has been a life lesson in itself, but even more so on the life I’ve always lived. It has been the reason for this blog, to tell everyone life isn’t always what you pictured it to be. How easy it is to get caught up in others well-being, but you are the one to pay the consequences. I have accepted the fault of my actions because my actions are my own. It just has opened my eyes to my own well-being, to finally stop and put myself first for the future to come. 



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