about {me} 

Born and raised in a medium town (going to school in Missouri made me realize I am not from a small town), had a perfect childhood– a loving family, lots of friends, more American Girl dolls than anyone could possible imagine at the age of 8. Dealt with normal high school things–friendships, heartbreaks, hormonal changes, the usual stuff. Went to an amazing university, GO TIGERS! Looking at my life, it was pretty damn good. So why now do I feel like this? A perfect life, no longer perfect. I’m not saying my life is awful, I am grateful to have a roof above my head, food to eat, and a part-time job to make some money. What no one tells you is how hard things can be at time, how the darkness you feel inside can overcome you so quickly. That each day is a battle, a battle between your mind and your heart. When the dissonance between becomes stronger the harder it is to get through each day. I will not let this darkness define me, but I can’t lie when I say it is apart of me. 




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